American Classic
American Classic

Classes designed to enhance a cheerleaders skills through repetition and progressive training such as:

Flexibility and Fitness

Designed to improve individual flexibility with core muscle group work and general aerobic and athletic fitness.

Motion and Jump Training

Building positive muscle memory through repetition and drills focusing on the important aspects of a competitive routine that are often not perfected in practice.

So You Want to Fly:

This will be a once weekly mandatory class for all flyers on any of the competitive cheer teams. It is optional for any other athlete that has aspirations to be a flyer but it is not a guarantee to being selected for that spot on any of the teams.

Building A Strong Foundation:

This will be once monthly mandatory class for all bases and spotters on any of the competitive cheer teams. It will focus on proper athletic stance, engaging strong muscle groups and perfecting a bases’ vital role in the success of all building skills being executed in competitive routines.