American Classic
American Classic

Regular Tumbling Classes will be separated by skill level executed at each member’s evaluation. Typical classes are: Beginner – Level 1 to Level 2 skills preparing for Level 2; Intermediate – Level 2 to Level 3 skills preparing for Level 4; Elite – Level 4 mastered skills to Level 5 skills. In addition to our regular classes, we will offer the following specialized tumbling classes at least once a month for each class type.

Strong Tumbling Foundation:

Focus will be on building correct muscle memory, creating strong core muscles and perfecting the very basics of tumbling.

Reaching That Perfect Back Handspring:

This class will be for those that have a back handspring by themselves or with a light spot. It will focus on proper technique and repetition.

Flip and Stick

This class will be for those that are working their standing back tucks. It will focus on breaking down the skills – cleaning them up and helping gain confidence in airborne flipping skills.